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1/14 Scale Metal Truck With Proportional Controls

    This RC Alloy Dump Truck truly is a thing of beauty, toughness, and high efficiency! This Advanced RC Truck will make you feel you're in total control of the heavy load! 

    Made out of premium metal and alloy materials such as its cab and tray to give it its durable design. It's capable of delivering dirt and sand for up to 4 hours after every charge.

    If you need something reliable and powerful in yourHeavy Duty RC collection, then thisAdvanced RC Truck is definitely an obvious choice.

    The latest in scale, real horsepower, from Huina!

    Full metal Die Cast body with working rear lift.

    Battery: LIPO battery 2200MAH for truck; 3*AA for the controller;

    This model is an upgrade from the 1573 models. The cab and tray on this truck is metal.