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XTREEM RC is an officially authorised dealer of Huina RC Construction models! Since 2018 we have partnered with the Huina factory to design and manufacture the very best RC Construction Models at affordable prices!  

There's simply no better place to find a variety of quality RC Machinery and Construction products than at XTREEM RC. We provide our customers with the best RC Excavators, Loaders, Dump Trucks and Various other RC Construction models. We have a large range of spare parts and accessories for the entire Huina fleet, and we offer quality guarantees and a 12-month warranty on all purchases. If something breaks, we will fix it or replace it!

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Remote Control Construction Models

Huina 1577 Forklift

$ 249.99 USD

Huina 592 RC Excavator

$ 199.00 USD

Large Advanced Steel RC Loader (Huina 583)

$ 299.00 USD $ 499.94 USD

RC Grapper Excavator (Huina 1571)

$ 149.99 USD $ 199.99 USD

Huina 580 Spare Parts & Attachments