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Kabolite 336g Battery

    There is lead time of 2 weeks for batteries to North America. Please expect delivery to take 2 to 3 weeks for USA and Canadian customers. 

    If you’re lucky enough to own the Kabolite 336GC RC Excavator, you’re going to want an extra battery to extend your digging time. The Kabolite 336GC Excavator is one of the most powerful battery-operated RC Scale model hydraulic excavators on the market. It is designed with serious RC hobbyists in mind and features a strong metal exterior with durable metal gears for powerful digging performance.  It’s extremely heavy duty for a “toy”, but manageable and easy to transport with its premium foam carry case. Powerful enough for any task including demolition, land clearing, small site construction and more! But an extra battery is always a good idea to have at hand for when it’s needed.