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1/14 Scale RC Hydraulic Bulldozer DXR2

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    Special Edition 1/14 Scale RC Series Hydraulic Bulldozer
    Hydraulic / Full Metal / Ready-to-Run / Battery Powered /  Sound Module Equipped
    •  CNC machined kirsite&aluminum
    •  Custom 9 channel 2.4Ghz radio AT9
    •  Optimized chrome steel hydraulic system
    •  Efficient undercarriage
    •  Scale operator station (can fit a driving figure, seat installed)
    •  Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump
    •  Engine sound module equipped(Sound Module Version Only)
    •  Heavy duty hydraulic hoses (ID 2.0mm,2.5mm Nylon, OD 3.0mm,4.0mm)
    •  CNC machined kirsite&aluminum 
    •  Custom 9 channel 2.4Ghz radio AT9 
    •  Optimized chrome steel hydraulic system
    •  Max undercarriage steering 360 degrees
    •  Powder coated in yellow
    •  Massive brushless system (hydraulic)
    •  Hydraulic system 60A brushless ESC, driving system 320A brush ESC
    •  800Kv brushless monster torque motor
    •  Battery Recommend: Lipo 3S,5300mAh,11.1V(Not Included)  
    •  Steel machined oil pump (51mm X 40mm X 36mm) 
    •  Max. shovel depth 48mm, Max.lifting height 173mm,Max.blade gradient +/-10 degrees
    •  Driving speed: first gear,6m/min 
    •  Operating oil pressure: 25Bar, Flow 0.8L/Min
    •  Scale: 1:14
    •  Shovel: W.351mmxH.86mm
    •  Length: 685mm  
    •  Width: 351mm  
    •  Height: 323mm
    •  Net weight: 26kg


    What's Included:

    A Ready-To-Run 1/14 RC Hydraulic Bulldozer Machine with Radio Control,without battery!

    Machine will be shipped without oil!



    Important Notice:

    1. Do not operate before signal confirmation finish!!! (First turn on the RC control,all  joystick on up position,then connect machine power,after 4 sounds signal confirmation(about 5 seconds),then operate!


    2. Do not change radio controller factory default setting!!!